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Are You Skinny

Are You Skinny?

People these days are craving to lose weight, but what about those who are already skinny? They can’t afford to do so!

My friend Vikas Sharma aspires to be a model/actor, but he is so skinny that his low weight is becoming a constant hindrance in his career. He has a good height, a good face (hey… I am not talking about his nature) and strives to be a Bollywood actor like Shahrukh Khan, and has everything that is required to be a perfect model! But…

It is not just about Vikas, but about many individuals who crave to fulfill their dreams, but somehow fail to do so, because of their scraggy appearances. Being a dietician, I have come up with some of the best tips to help these under-weight people gain a perfectly shaped body in the most natural manner. (Though I am not in contact with Vikas, otherwise I would have personally given these tips to him… he needs it) Here goes the list:

  • Eat more calories: You really need to perform some calculation now (not good in math, let me perform this task for you!) The fact is that an approximate normal daily caloric requirement for an average male who performs the light activity is 2,200; for a female, it is 1,900. That means that you must have some 1,000 extra calories per day to gain less than half a kilo a week. Your actual requirement may differ depending on your overall physical experience, height, weight, activity level and your body's metabolic rate.
  • Be smart, make smart food choices: Sticking on a regular day-to-day diet will not make any difference. Choose dairy products over bread and eggs over vegetables!
  • I am not saying that you should binge on every junk food that comes in your way, just for the sake of gaining weight! No! Try to eat foods that are arrayed with high protein content like beans, pulses and peas, and foods with high starch content such as potatoes, rice and tapioca. But never replace your carbohydrates with proteins.
  • Burger, Pizza, French fries…Yummy…But…Once in a while!
  • Snack a lot: Again, I am not in a favor of junk food, but other food items like cheese sticks, milkshakes, dried fruits and breakfast bars can be included in-between the main meals. Keep munching…
  • Fluids play a major role in supplying the essential nutrients and calories all over the body. So drink plenty of fluids (especially high-sugared juices) to maintain a healthy weight.
  • I am not in a favor of bodybuilding exercises as these are temporary cures for weight gain. Rather I advise the intake of creatine supplements to gain weight.
  • Be consistent: Never lose hope. Weight gain is a gradual process and it will take its time. So don’t get frustrated and do everything patiently and with full devotion.

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