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Breast Cancer Awareness Hope

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

As the month of October is approaching its necessary to mark its importance. October has been made the official month for spreading awareness regarding breast cancers and related disorders.

With disturbed lifestyles and excessive stress breast cancer has become one of the most prominent problems amongst the ladies of different age groups.

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Most prone age groups.

Breast cancer has high rates in European countries. In Malta breast cancer is a very common disorder. The chances of breast cancer increase with age.

Age 20- 29 – 1 in 2000

Age 30- 39 – 1 out of 229.

Age 40 – 49- 1 out of 68.

Age 50 -59 – 1 out of 37

Age 60- 69 – 1 out of 26

Most common causes of breast cancer …

Overall there are many reasons of breast cancer but few highlighted causes are:

  1. Reproductive history
  2. Parity
  3. Hormonal imbalance
  4. Previous history of neoplastic
  5. Breast density.
  6. Family history.
  7. Fat consumption
  8. Physical inactive
  9. Obesity.
  10. Unhealthy lifestyle.

These are few common reasons of breast cancer.

Ways to check breast cancer

With increasing chances of breast cancer amongst ladies and girls it is necessary to spread prevention measures. Awareness is the first step towards eradication of any problem or disease.

  1. Healthy lifestyle.
  2. Rich fruits and vegetables.
  3. Promotion of physical activity.
  4. Early detection and treatment.
  5. Mammography
  6. Yoga and less fat consumption.

Keeping these points in kind will help you to stay away from breast cancer and related problems.

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General lifestyle measures to avoid breast cancer:

  1. Do not smoke:   Smoking leads to breast cancer. Smoking causes the destruction of alveoli leading to clump formation. This way the chances of breast cancer increases.
  2. Do not consume alcohol: If you a regular alcoholism then you are more prone to breast cancer. So limit your alcohol consumption for reduced chances of breast consumption.
  3. Regularly exercise: Include several types of physical exercise in your daily routine. This way you will always be fit and therefore you'll be safe and less prone to breast cancer.
  4. Do not consume fatty items and include a high amount of roughage in your diet: High consumption of fatty products in your diet can make you more susceptible to breast cancer. High roughage is also good to avoid breast cancer.

So this October be safe and spread awareness about breast cancer.

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