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Hair Loss Treatment without Side Effects

Hair Loss Treatment without Side Effects

Hair Loss is one of the major problems that are prevailing all over the world at a faster pace. It may be related to partial hair loss or a complete one. Some other names given to the disorder are alopecia and baldness. There are various types of hair loss disorders. Some may be patchy; some may be overall while others deal with a gradual thinning of hair on a regular basis. A single hair has an average life of around 4 to 5 years after which it falls out and is replaced by a new hair as well. Baldness refers to a situation where the tendency of the body to grow new hair diminishes with the passage of time.

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Hair loss may happen in both men and women but it affects more men than women. Some of the common patterns that are seen in men are receding hairline, thinning of hair and appearance of crown space on the head. A gradual fall may lead to the appearance of a horseshoe ring of hair, especially on the sides of your head. Some of the common causes of baldness in men are genetic disorders, stress, the disorder of genes, less levels of testosterone and other factors.

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As far as the women are concerned, certain causes that are responsible for hair loss are genetic problems, aging, menopause, stress, environmental conditions and other factors. The pattern is extremely different from that of male hair loss. It generally involves thinning of hair throughout the scalp rather than targeting a particular area or region.

Baldness is not a disease but is directly or indirectly linked with aging, heredity and hormonal imbalance. Some other causes that are linked with hair loss are:

  • Bald patches that may lead to fall of eyelashes
  • Autoimmune conditions
  • Burns or severe injuries related with burns
  • Infection
  • Chemotherapy
  • Taking so much stress and tension on a daily basis
  • Use of low-quality shampoo or excessive use of conditioners
  • Fever
  • Hormonal changes
  • Childbirth
  • Intake of birth control medicines
  • Continuous scalp pulling
  • Radiation therapy
  • Tinea capitis
  • Tumor of the ovary or adrenal glands

Remedies for hair loss:

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  • Massage the scalp every day: A regular massage with warm mustard oil helps in dealing with this condition in a better way.
  • Electric massagers from a credible source can stimulate the hair growth in a major way
  • Medication, yoga and breathing exercises are also quiet beneficial for the treatment of hair loss
  • Don’t use pressing hair, rollers or other such harmful treatment.
  • Seek immediate medical aid if the problem gets worse

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