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Pranayam: Yoga Breathing Exercises You Must in Your Routine

Pranayam: Yoga Breathing Exercises You Must in Your Routine

Pranayama is an art of Yoga breathing! Nevertheless, not many people know about it. The ancient yogis in India knew all the ABC linked with Pranayama and transferred this art to the next generation. It is because of them that people are gradually turning to these alternative and natural ways of medication with the passage of each day.

The fact is that there is a very deep connection between breath and mind. You must have noticed that when you get angry, your mind gets out of control and your breathing gets elevated. It is the case with other situations as well. And if you tend to stop your breath even for two seconds, your mind feels agitated. When you are calm, your breathing also relaxes a bit! Pranayama is a technique to get some amount of control over your mind.

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We all know that our mind is just like a kid. It is always curious to do different new things, never rests at one place, and extremely impossible to grasp! That is why yogis came out with ‘Pranayama’ that exploited the connection between the breath and mind. The strategy was that if you will be able to control the breath, you will be able to control your mind! Pranayama, if done in a proper manner can cure your illness but the opposite can happen if it is performed in a wrong manner. That is why it is mandatory to learn pranayama from a proper teacher.

Benefits of Pranayama 

  • The body become lean, strong and healthy
  • If you are arrayed with too much fat, then it is reduced if pranayama is done properly. On the opposite, if you are too skinny, then you will gain apt weight!
  • There is luster in the face. Eyes sparkle like diamonds.
  • If you will practice it on a regular level, then it will make you more attractive
  • Voice tends to become sweet and melodious
  • Body is free from all the diseases
  • The Jatharagni (gastric fire) is augmented
  • Students get a firm control over their minds
  • Appetite becomes keen. People who are non-vegetarian tend to turn towards a vegetarian diet
  • Nadis are purified. Vikshepa is removed and the mind becomes one-pointed.
  • Concentration power increases along with an increase in spiritual forces
  • The excretions become scanty
  • Provides ultimate relaxation of mind and body
  • Strengthens the nervous system and respiratory system
  • Relieves stress, depression and hypertension.

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